The Cube is a new kind of immersive multimedia space that can be used for art exhibitions and special events in public spaces. 

Created by the internationally acclaimed French duo Westby & Mercier, this installation is directly inspired by their immersive exhibition FIAT#LUX, first set in Agora Gallery of New York City in 2017. The concept was to present multiple pieces of art brought to life by digital technology.

The Cube wants to bring the spectator inside one piece of art at a time. Thanks to modern new 4D technologies, people will live a very unique sensitive and immersive experience.​

By walking inside The Cube, the spectator will cross lines between reality and imagination to be surrounded by art.

Imagined to embrace spaces beyond museums and galleries, The Cube is like a space-time box, an extraction of reality where time has no boundaries.

It symbolizes the gateway between reality and unreal worlds. 

The entrance of the Cube is made of a corridor of CO2 fog, in which people walk to reach The Cube’s realm.

The Cube has been imagined like a stage. Its complete structure is made of aluminum truss that can be rented easily worldwide without any international transportation costs.

It is also environmentally friendly, using local construction team and resources.

The second biggest advantage of The Cube is that is fully customizable. From its size to the 4D multimedia content.

Our concept is to bring and create dream art like technology to public places.

The Cube can be used by Museums and Galleries to present art in a very unique angle. It invites and seduces people to experiment art on its core.

As imagination is boundless,  the use of The Cube is not limited to art pieces. It can be used by brands, shopping malls, production companies, restaurants, airports, train stations and for many occasions like launching products, store openings, exhibitions, business events, pop-up stores, movie releases and meditative rooms.

The Cube, just like a magic box, guide the spectator into a unique moment, a peaceful world.

Let your imagination fly and we will turn your dreams into reality.



3D Concept art starring Chantal Westby's "Nascent Star"


PAINTING: "Nascent Star" by Chantal Westby